It’s just not my thing. I’m a very reserved person. An introvert. An observer. Friends have called me Spock.

Nonetheless, as threatened in this post, I actually did do something that might be loosely defined by some as singing on Vincent’s second 1 mot, 1 chanson song. He didn’t pressure me into it; he kept saying I didn’t have to. But I felt pressure anyway because he kept wishing out loud that I would, since the story is from a feminine point of view. In fact, he’s been wishing out loud that I’d sing for two years now, so I finally caved just to get it behind me.

It won’t happen again, I promise.

The song is called Minute. It has a great melody, like all of his songs, the kind that gets stuck in your head. It was playing in a loop in my head at midnight last night. It’s the story of a girl who’s told her boyfriend she’ll be ready in a minute. We all know how that goes.

If you click the Bonus link, you can read the lyrics and, by clicking the little Flash player that appears after the lyrics – Minute (maquette) – you can hear the version Vincent sang, bypassing mine entirely, which is what I recommend you do.

Vincent obviously wasn’t embarrassed to put my version up on the site, but he doesn’t get embarrassed, so that tells you nothing. I haven’t listened to it. I plugged my ears during playback and wore earplugs the whole time he was mixing it. I’m pretending it didn’t happen.

I’m only mentioning it because I love his music and the idea of picking a random word and making a song out of it, which is the basis of this project of his.

He’s already started working on a third song, which is hilarious and pretty (and in English), so look for the next song at 1 mot, 1 chanson soon.

You’ll always find the link at the top of my blogroll!