Blogging is addictive. I don’t know how I ever survived without it. I started in October of 2006 with frogblog and now I have four blogs and am a contributor to one two three others.

It’s an outlet for “that ever-bubbling spring of emotion which, without some conduit into space, will surge upwards and ruin all but the greatest men.” Read that in a Thomas Hardy novel last week (The Well Beloved). I wish my Former Life friends would figure it out. Lots of them could use it.

Up till yesterday, I had Vincent beat by one blog, but he’s caught up to me now.

He’s been annoyed with himself lately because he hasn’t been writing as much music as he used to. (I haven’t been writing any poetry either, for that matter, and I’m also annoyed. I figure it’s because we’re too happy.) He was very prolific for a while during his mad-at-America phase, but he’s over it. He’s given up hope and says I do a much better job of America bashing anyway. I don’t agree. The lyrics to his Bye-Bye Murka series of songs are brilliant.

One of the many things we have in common is that we both like it when there are constraints on our creative projects. I like writing sonnets and villanelles because of the strict rules. I like writing poems with fridge magnets. For some reason, it stimulates my brain when I have to work within a prescribed framework.

Vincent’s the same way. So he decided to try to force the muse to put out by imposing a constraint on himself. He picked the first word from the beginning of a random news story on Libération just to see if he could make a song out of it.

It worked. And he had so much fun with the process that he decided he’ll probably keep doing it from time to time. And so, of course, he made a blog dedicated to his project: 1 mot, 1 chanson.

He picked a gorgeous WordPress theme (if you like that spare, Swiss style) that he discovered through his favorite design blog, Smashing Magazine. He spent a couple of days tweaking it and building an adorable little Flash player. (I was so jealous that he got a new site to play with that I decided to give my personal website a makeover, or relooking, as they say in French.)

The random word for the first song on 1 mot, 1 chanson was “acteur.” You can hear the song and read the (French) lyrics on the site. He’s already got another one in the pipeline. The word is “minute.” Rumor has it I may be singing on that one. If I don’t suck too bad. I’m not making any promises.