I’m from southern California, but now I live in Paris, where freedom of expression is real and so is the cheese. I live in the Latin Quarter with my soulmate VincentVincent, Vincent.

I’m a writer, a tech blogger, a translator. I write prose poetry and take pictures. My bliss is all over the map and I keep following it.

My current preoccupations are the novel I’m writing, whether my 26-year-old son on Guam is happy and eating right and avoiding sharks… I worry about the imminent extinction of the orangutan as a result of consumer ignorance and the greed of corporations and governments. I’m doing what I can to help.

I wear red cowboy boots. What I love about gerberas is that they’re exuberant and unpretentious. Marguerite Duras is my favorite author. I need to stick my feet in the ocean from time to time or I’ll wither and die. I take the boots off first, of course.