Under duress, I’ve created a Twitter account. Vincent did too.

Here’s the scoop: Remember that TV show on blogs that Vincent and I were on not too long ago? Well, they’ve asked us back (!) for a live, three-hour show that will cover election night in the US from two hours before the polls close on the west coast till 9:00 pm. That’s 3-6 am here…

One of the things they’d like me to do is be in communication with some of my pals in the US during the broadcast. But none of my Former Life friends do Twitter (that I know of). Their kids probably do…

So if you’re literate and politically informed, with a world view that’s bigger than the balcony of your condo, and you plan to be monitoring what’s going on (election shenanigans, exit polls, media coverage) at an election night party, out in the field, or alone at home, I’d love to hear from you via Twitter or Skype (or iChat or Yahoo or MSN or AIM) that evening.

Since I will be asked what I’m doing, who I’m talking to, etc., if you have a blog or site, a video on YouTube, or any other online incarnation, it could end up on French TV, so be sure to let me know.

You can be of any political persuasion as long as you can play nice and be rational.

Please forward the link to this post to any friends who might be interested!

See you Tuesday!