And no rational person can deny that there is ample cause.

Yesterday, Dennis Kucinich asked the House of Representatives to consider a resolution to impeach Bush.

This is not about petty, left-wing revenge.

Impeachment with removal from office won’t happen. Democrats are too spineless. However, impeachment of Bush for his reckless abuse of presidential power may be just what is needed to keep McCain in check if he should win in November.

Otherwise there will be no holding him back.

If you think there’s even a slight possibility McCain could win (and you’re naïve if you don’t), you should contact your representative and tell him or her that you support Kucinich’s proposal.

Tick tock.

P.S. Information is only meaningful if you do something with it. However when your major media DON’T EVEN MENTION news like this, how are you supposed to know, much less act? As Vincent points out, it was front-page news in France…