To be fair, I’m doing the same thing for Hillary that I did for Barack in the previous post, so you can compare what the two have in store for you.

Here are all of Hillary’s issues (from www.hillaryclinton.com):

America’s Standing in the World | Education | Energy & Environment | Family | Government Reform | Healthcare | Immigration | Innovation | Iraq | Middle Class | Rural | Strengthening our Democracy (voting issues) | Veterans | Women

The information on Hillary’s pages is not as clearly organized as that on Barack’s. She covers fewer key issues. There is also a lot less specific information on Hillary’s pages (and she is the candidate who’s primary criticism is that her opponent is all talk and no substance).

Don’t just take my word for it. Compare, for example, Obama’s and Clinton’s pages on education.

This is the thing. Hillary is smart. She’s capable of doing the job. She knows the ropes. But there is a lack of dynamism in her that I think will be crucial in our president at this point in time.

I also have to agree with my favorite society columnist, Mark Morford, who pretty much says it all here:

See, unlike Hillary, Obama can’t be effortlessly demonized. He doesn’t have Hillary’s infamous laundry list of faults and transgressions, the enormous built-in wall of hate the right already has for her, her gender, her husband, everything she represents and carries forward from the Bill Clinton era. Smart as she is, Hillary has truckloads of baggage. Obama has but a tiny carry-on.

I am convinced (as are many others) that if Hillary is the Democratic nominee, McCain will be president.

Are you prepared to live with that?