Another fun personality test, which I read about on TechBee, who also happens to be the moon. Maybe we’re all the moon. Or maybe this is Saturn. No, must be Mars. The War Planet.

What can I say, it’s late. I had to sit through a horrid cartoon movie with three eleven-year-old girls today (actually semi-slept through half of it doing that jerky, head-nodding thing), and for most of this week I’ve been expending a lot of mental and emotional energy (as has Vincent) on a project I’ve been dreaming of bringing to fruition for almost 10 years. I’m fried.

But I’m the moon. And I’m Wonder Woman.
You are The Moon

Bref: Hope, expectation, bright promises, mystery, visions, illusions, madness, genius, poetry, sleep, dreams, nightmares, creativity, powerful magic, primal feelings, intuition, psychic powers, visions, insight.

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