There’s big news at Francophilia. A new site. A really cool site. The coolest site ever. At least I think so. But I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

The Francophilia Gazette is an all-you-can-eat buffet of juicy news tidbits and spicy culture bites: gossip, trivia, pop culture, high culture, history, and more… It’s a different take on France and Frenchness. No more tired articles about Brie and ballet and beaujolais nouveau. Please.

The content is literally bite sized. Visiting this site is like walking into a chocolate shop; you just want to gobble up everything at once (or maybe that’s just how I react in a chocolate shop…). And the design is fun too. Resize your browser from as big as it’ll get to as small as it’ll get and watch what happens. If you have an iPhone, open the site from there and feel the love…

But watch out! The Francophilia Gazette is rated “French,” which means it won’t always be safe for work… Vive la France !

Of course, Vincent did the technical tweaking. He’s always making beautiful and entertaining Internet things (MUSIC, ioLexis).

It’s what’s been missing from my francobrew. Please tell your francophile friends about it! And link to it, and blog it, and tweet it… Merci !