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Obama will establish a new American Opportunity Tax Credit that is worth $4,000 a year in exchange for 100 hours of public service a year.

…when we invest in your future, we’re going to ask you to invest in the future of your country. To receive this credit, we’ll require 100 hours of public service – you’ll have to work at a veteran’s hospital or nursing home; join an AmeriCorps program or work in a local school. You get a hand living your dreams, and then you help your fellow citizens live theirs – that’s how we’re going to move this country forward; that how we’re going to come together behind a common purpose. (Source)


I’ve subscribed to the Obama campaign blog. Since only a minuscule percentage of people use newsreaders, and about the same number actually go looking for information, I thought I’d create the ObamaBits category to provide juicy tidbits when I come across them.

Hopefully you’ll be able to put this information to good use.

ObamaBit #1:

The typical middle class family will receive three times more in tax relief from Obama’s plan than from John McCain’s plan. Meanwhile, a quarter of McCain’s tax cuts will go to people making more than 2.8 million dollars.